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Patricia Ann Starr, BA, LMT, RA, SET, HFFMy name is Patricia Ann Starr. Let me tell you why I am here.

Under ideal conditions we would BE/Live in wholeness from the womb to the tomb, thinking, talking and walking differently.

For many of us, we are here in less than ideal conditions. We had no control over our early years of living. Most of the ‘programming’ that runs our lives in the present was downloaded into us before the age of 6.

The knowledge of who and what we really are has remained – although secreted away – through Ancient traditions. Today, some of our most brilliant scientists are discovering the validity of this knowledge. Now is the time for this most profound knowledge to ‘bust out’ of its hiding place. Quantum physics, string theory, new findings in biology, brain and heart science all calidates the teachings of the Ancients.

I have dedicated myself to bringing this new/ancient revelation into your life. Through the Heart Forgiveness/Core Health process I facilitate (guide) human kind on a journey back to wholeness in an easy, quick and life enhancing manner.

The ‘less than ideal’ conditions that convinced us to live small, to live in dysfunction, to have less, to contract, to believe in anything ‘less’ – has brought imbalance, stress, unhappiness, etc.

The profoundly powerful journey of Heart Forgiveness frees us of toxic baggage that we do not have to carry (many times we do not even consciously realize that we do carry). Releasing toxic loads from our lives makes our journey through life magical in comparison to our experience to date.

Can you live in perfection? Can you think without guilt, fear or stress? Can you walk in wellness? Can you experience Joy Unspeakable? Can you triumph in this life?

A resounding YES to each question can be achieved by you.

Will you live a ‘limitless’ life? This is possible.

There is real magic in the world… it resides inside YOU!

Allow me the honor of guiding you back to it!

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About me:

I took my training in Psychology into the business world for 20 years, owning my own successful company. Then, due to personal health challenges, I entered the alternative treatment world of meditation, yoga, aromatherapy, massage and energy work (Rieki, Energetic Therapy, Chakra). As a Cranial Structural Therapist, specializing in “core distortion release patterns” relating to body structure, I was excited to find Core Health and Heart Forgiveness – the key to release the emotional “core distortions” within our energy patterns, that block us, rather than further us.

When I experienced Core Health and Heart Forgiveness – that did it for me. Thank goodness, Dr. Ed put this together in such a comprehensive way. As a Cranial Structural therapist, the Energy Measuring allows me to talk to the body specifically. Utilizing the Heart Forgiveness Series, I can now also free the emotional body effectively. This process gives me clear and consistent communication with the subconscious mind – which runs our life 95% of the time! Finally, great clearing progress can be made. Yeah!! I’m thrilled to be a Facilitator of Heart Forgiveness and genuinely assist individuals.

Patricia Ann Starr, BA, LMT, RA, SET, HFF
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